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Founder of TalentBlueBook.comKristin Mapstone Smith is the founder of TalentBlueBook.com, an innovative online community for the corporate entertainment market enabling clients to search, review and book speakers and entertainers directly. She is the creator of the online magazine, press release platform and the Voices of Influence podcast series featuring short interviews with thought leaders across many disciplines such as athletes, authors, business leaders, celebrities, entertainers, media, politicians and speakers.

Prior to working as speakers bureau consultant, Kristin spent most of her sales career pioneering logistics programs serving developing countries with little transportation infrastructure. Deploying ships, planes, hovercrafts and other unusual forms of transportation to reach the most remote sites imaginable might seem like an odd fit for the talent business. However, this background provided Kristin with a fundamental understanding of how to use innovation to initiate progress and overcome resistance to change. Always striving to elevate the status quo, she immediately saw an opportunity to use her experience to organize and provide new resources to corporate entertainment – a unique niche in the entertainment industry viagra online uk next day delivery.

Kristin believes that the fundamental principles of trailblazing are common to all businesses. While looking for solutions outside the box, she is still keenly aware of the basics: satisfying real needs, listening to the market, maintaining accountability and most importantly, providing unmatched customer service. She is passionate about expanding the platform for this genre of talent to connect with individuals and audiences. She truly believes in the value they can bring both professionally and personally because she has experienced their impact firsthand. The advice and encouragement she has received from the thought leaders she is lucky to know has, in fact, been the inspiration for this entrepreneurial endeavor.

Born and raised in Corrales, New Mexico, Kristin currently resides in the Dallas area.