Voices of Influence: Interview with Sandy Gluckman

Sandy Gluckman, PhD, is a business speaker, author, and leadership specialist who focuses in organization growth and development. Strategic planning, communication, and leadership development.

Originally from Johanasberg, South Africa, Sandy Gluckman’s experience in working with corporations across the world has afforded her an in depth knowledge of “what makes companies tick”. It is her mission to take this knowledge and to help companies prosper by building a culture of Spirited Economics and educating leaders how to use the spirit of their people as a business assett. Dr. Gluckman’s is the author of the ground breaking book, “Who’s in the Driver’s Seat: Using Spirit to Lead Successfully” which was published in May 2007. Dr. Sandy Gluckman has a PhD in Whole Brain Learning and has spoken on the application of whole brain thinking at numerous Graduate Business Schools as well as on national radio talk shows.

In this Voices of Influence interview, Sharon Braxton catches up with Sandy Gluckman to discuss her book, Spirited Economics, and more.

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